Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Great Information on Healthcare

Although I have not [posted in a week or so due to exciting but time consuming things at church, I have been following the healthcare debate - as have you all. I have added to my following section an incredible political blog worth your time. It has posted some excellent information on the debate over the Democratic Party's hijacking of the healthcare system.

Please check out and read this blog. There is an excellent youtube video on there related to abortion and euthanasia that will result from the proposal by the Democratic Party, and specifically President Obama and his partners in crime.

For christians, it is especially frightening. The pro-life movement has been warning the country for years that if we persist in legalized abortion, that it will so devalue human life that we will eventually reach the point where we devalue the lives of the elderly and those with physical and mental handicaps.

Please watch the video, stayed engaged in the debate, and pray for our nation.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Judge Sotomayor's words say more than intended

The hearings for Judge Sotomayor, nominated to serve on the United States Supreme Court, have been telling in ways beyond intended by liberals. It has been well documented that she has far left views on race and gender. She has been repeatedly quoted, in public settings, commenting that she views her experiences as a Latina would qualify her to make better rulings as a matter of course than a white male.

It has also been reported that she has publicly disagreed with a famoucomment made by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - that a wise old man and and a wise old woman would reach the same conclusion. That is because it is about wisdom and not gender or race.

In her hearings, Judge Sotomayor has been backtracking on everyone of these statements. She has called them mistakes. She has basically lied by saying they were misinterpreted and then restating it in a fashion which is the exact opposite of her oft repeated, clearly stated opinion.

Her views are biased and extreme. They reveal a sense of superiority because of her race and gender over someone like, say me. These views have been consistent, public, and are revealed in numerous rulings. Her testimony in trying to distance herself from her own comments are disturbing on two separate accounts. It is difficult to determine which one is worse.

On the one hand, it is ridiculous to believe her changes in position when they have been clearly stated and acted upon for the course of her life. It is only in Washington that people believe she would change such long held beliefs. That means to put it bluntly, she is not telling the truth. She is a crass politician working with crass politicians to do what crass politicians do -say whatever you have to say, because people and the truth do not matter anyway, to get where you need to go. Their position is that people in America aren't smart enough to be discerning anyway. So just change your life long beliefs by lying about them - which is what she has done repeatedly.

On the other hand, her statements are wrong. Some might argue it shows something on her part "to move to the center" as if this is some great sign of integrity and intelligence(that is a blog for another day). What does it say about her integrity and moral center that she wold so easily shift from long held views simply to get a job. It means she is not anchored in her belief system and blows with the political winds.

Which is worse lying to the public or having no strength of character to hold to who she is and what she believes. It is a toss-up. Neither apparently bother her benefactor President Obama because is exactly the same person. She has support from her side of the aisle as well in such kindred spirits as Senator Charles Schumer - whose only standard for what he says is whether is sounds good at the time. Since this the way of Washington, it appears she is well-qualified by today's standards and therefore will be passed.

Unfortunately for her, there is a flaw in the plan. They have as fundamental presupposition that we do not care or understand. There are at least some of us who do care and who do understand. Whether she intended it or not, her statements were clear about who she is.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When Popularity is Substituted for Leadership

It is truly is an ironic moment when art imitates life. My family enjoyed attending the musical Wicked a short time ago. It is the second time my daughter and I have seen the musical and it is great fun. In a pivotal moment when the relationship between the two main characters is transformed from "loathing" to friendship, Galinda the Good Witch takes it upon herself to do a makeover of her new friend Elfaba (soon to be known as the Wicked Witch of the West). She is the expert on being popular and decides to train Elfaba in the tricks of the trade. She then sings a wonderfully fun song entitled "popular."

A verse in the song goes like this: Consider celebrated heads of state, or especially great communicators - did they have brains or knowledge? Please don't make me laugh! They were popular!
It's not about aptitude, it's the way you're viewed. So it's very shrewd to be popular like me!

This art imitates life - or at least provides insight into it. Barack Obama has built his political career on this strategy. He is know running the country based upon this strategy. His public focus is solely on being as popular as he can be. His version of leadership philosophy means he hides behind this trumped up popularity to move as much of his radical agenda forward as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is working.

We will not stop this onslaught of socialism until people see through it as a political strategy. He is forcing approval of a healthcare bill not even written yet. He is ramming through his adoring congress monumental bills which they have not even read. There is now way to do any thoughtful analysis of the consequences of any of this legislation. It is simply this strategy - "build up popularity and behind that impetus get the stuff passed. It doesn't even matter what the bills say. Just pass them now and we will sort the catch later. Popularity is the stock and trade. Once that is gone we will have to slow down, so grab as much as possible now."

Is this the leadership that we want? It is the leadership we have until we rise up and change it. We can first change it by writing and communicating to our congressional representatives now and in force. We must also let them know that we will vote against this onslaught in the upcoming election. Let them know the President's personal popularity with some areas of the country is going to get them unelected here! Communicate and do it now. It does work. The Senate is making noises now like backing away from taxing healthcare benefits of employees, but only because of the hue and cry from their constituents.

The strategy is popularity. Let them know how they are truly being viewed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Excellent Discussion on Healthcare "Reform"

There is an excellent and informative discussion of how the Democrats and the President want to hijack our healthcare system in order to create government control. Here is the link:

Give this a try. It is a blog that I follow and this one is informative and has a lot of good stuff.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Key Issue Facing Society? Family

My message for yesterday was taken from Jeremiah 29:1-7. In this passage, God sends an encouraging message to His children who are in exile in Babylon. In it He gives them needed instruction on how to live in a foreign world. He places a strong emphasis on their families. He tells them to "build houses and live in them" He then tells them this: "Take wives and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons and give your daughters to husbands, so that they may bear sons and daughters-that you may increase there, and not decrease."

In this message, God reminds His people that they increase through the structure of the family. Even in a foreign land where they have been sent under judgment for their sin, God tells them they will increase by raising Godly families. This means making Godly marriages and raising children to have Godly marriages and raise Godly children.

There are two significant debates going on right now in our society which are seemingly separate, but actually have the same answer. The direction of our country and the role of government is being hotly debated because of the radical agenda of our current President and his party. The other debate is occurring within the world of evangelical thinkers as the causes for the decline in baptisms and church growth being seen across the evangelical landscape in America. This debate is hotly contested within our own Southern Baptist Convention as seen from the reports coming out of our most recent National Convention a short time ago.

The answer to both is found in God's message to His children. Build Godly homes and teach your children to do the same. The societal issues are all - without exception - the fruit of the breakdown of the family. The effects of this breakdown are well-documented and there is no reason to do so again here. Even the economic crisis we face now is the result of the breakdown of family structures. Living within your means and managing your finances are all the result of healthy family structures. Instead of trying to build a "state" to bailout, provide, and control our decisions, we should be focused with laser-like intensity on re-building a proper family structure in America.

The answer to reaching people for Jesus will also be found in churches building their ministries on the foundation of teaching people how to build Godly marriages. God has built the gospel itself into the structure of marriage. People reach out because their homes have needs. Church are still arguing over music styles after 25 years of debate, but the people in our nation are searching for answers to their failing homes - not concert venues.

Our seminaries have also missed the point of their existence completely. They are training young men theologically and yet missing the most important aspect of their training - family ministry. They graduate with lofty thoughts regarding systematic theology and soteriology. They enter their churches with deeply ingrained beliefs regarding eschatology and expository preaching. Yet people come to their churches asking these questions: Why can't my wife and I get along? Why has my husband lost interest in me? Why are my children choosing that?

These pastors have no clue how to answer these questions while God Himself has woven the answers throughout every book of His Holy Word. Moreover, many of them need to be saved. The answer is right there in their marital problems. The gospel is right there for them to share. They are not equipped to do it.

A ridiculous, sinful majority of SBC churches are not baptizing, and haven not baptized for 5 years or more. Yet leaders continue to argue over programs and musical styles. Small churches criticize mega churches, the real reason for this is their jealousy. Contemporary churches criticize churches that will not change their music or shed their coats and ties. The real reason that churches fail to baptize is not because they refuse to change their music, but because they have lost a zeal for mentoring families. They shed their children's programs and jettison VBS. The older women do not mentor the younger woman regarding how to love their husbands and children as directly commanded by scripture.

The failures in evangelism for us as a Convention are caused by the same failures in our society - the failure to focus on the family structure. We must do what God intended - Take wives and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for our sons and give our daughters to husbands. We must focus on what God wants us to focus upon - ministering to families. Everyone who is a follower of Christ knows the Great Commission commands us to go and take the gospel. The question is how? God has given us more than the command, He has also given us the best tool for sharing the gospel: the family!

Similarly oto the children of Israel in Babylon, we are not citizens of here but of heaven. Similarly, we are living in a land of ungodly influences and ungodly philosophies. I cannot control what our Senators, Representatives, President, or Governor does. I cannot control Seminary Presidents or Convention executives. I can read the Bible and teach my children about family. I can read my bible and continue to try to teach First Baptist Church of Cabot, Arkansas about family. Regardless of others, I can follow God's instructions and continue to have a real influence on real people and help them see a real saving gospel through their families and homes. I can increase and help others increase as well. Join me regardless of what others do.

Source of Governor Sanford's Demise Clear

It has been tragic to watch the life and political career of Governor Mark Sanford come unraveled. It is always a tragedy, whether it is a Democratic Governor from New York, a Republican Governor from South Carolina, or a celebrity in Hollywood. It is always a tragedy. It involves spouses, children, and other real people who are deeply wounded and harmed.

More, it is tragic because it harms our society in deep ways. It leads to cynicism from people about marriage. The first question asked when another Governor resigns is "when does evidence of her affair come out?" It leads to cynicism in our political arena - one side cheers when the other looses a leader and claims "we are the right side." Well, this is just ridiculous because there are more than enough failures on both sides to disqualify them from this argument. Furthermore, no side wins when they treat hurting people as pawns of their arguments.

The natural question is "Why?" Why would this man do this? The answers are myriad - dysfunction, hubris, etc. The true answer is the sinful condition of the human heart. The Bible is so true when it states unequivocally that "all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory." This is why it happens so often and to all sorts of people. None of us are immune.

There is a further tragedy in the current situation with Governor Sanford. It has been tragic to watch him literally unravel before the cameras. His "mea culpas" are pitiful such as his description of this situation as a "tragic love story." He tried to make it all sound less evil by describing it as a love story, but then telling us how he wanted to fall back in love with his wife and save his family. It was evidence of a deeply disturbed man who had completely lost his way. It did not help him, but hurt his situation even more.

It is evidence of the truth of scripture. One of the many ways we know that the Bible is true is seeing how well it applies to the human experience. When you read verses that directly explain life situations, it is evidence that God made us, watches us, understands us, and has written the Bible to us to give us the exact wisdom we need for life. James 1 explains the effect of living a life with the characteristics of doubting God's wisdom and instruction and of being disobedient to His laws and plans. Verse 8 uses these words: "a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways."

Governor Sanford was obviously a double-minded man for a period of time. It is not my intention to judge him or say he was an evil man - again we are all in the same situation as sinners who have fallen short of God's standards. But he obviously was living a double life caught between two types of choices and trying to live out both of them. The causes for this double life may be difficult to analyze, but the effect is easy to see. Why would he think he could run off to another nation to be with a woman other than his wife when our nation was watching him(due to his recent efforts to reject federal bailout money), along with his staff(for obvious reaons) and his family(his wife apparently already knew of this situation), and not get caught? Why would he go through with his emotional statements seeking some kind of catharsis from the press and public?

It is simply instability. When you are trying to live two lives and hide one from the other, the result is you become unstable. You loose a sense of reality. You work so hard to rationalize the situation that you become an expert at convincing yourself rather than looking at facts and seeing them as they are. You seek to mesh the two completely incongruent worlds together in some contortion of logic - his attempt to explain the "tragic love story" with this woman and his desire to repair his family and fall in love with his wife again. Unstable is the only word to describe it. All of it makes you make choices that are poor and self-destructive. You act based solely upon selfishness with little or no regard for consequences to those around you.

Our response should not be judgment for anyone caught in this situation. Again, it is heart breaking and tragic. Moreover, everyone of us could make the choices that would lead us to this same predicament - the potnetial is in all of us. We would do well to learn from this situation instead of judge. Double-mindedness will affect us the same way. Integrity is critical. Each of us will go on making mistakes as we walk life's journey. To be human indeed is to be fallible. Fallibility does not require double-mindedness. But choosing to hold onto to sinful choices or bad mistakes will create the double-mindedness and its resulting instability will bring a person down every time.

Trust in the grace Jesus brings. He loves us and works in our lives to grow us. After a mistake, if you will confess it He will forgive the failure and teach you so you learn to avoid it in the future. He will turn the mistake into ministry and make you better and wiser. If we hide the mistakes and turn towards a double-life, we will face instability that will be devastating. We too will come unravelled hurting ourselves and those around us in the process. Wouldn't you rather walk in the grace of His restoration than in the instability of double-mindedness?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Recommendation for Adams mini-series

IF you are looking for something positive to do this holiday weekend, I would strongly recommend viewing the mini-series John Adams. It is based on the book by David McCullough and is incredibly well done. It is an excellent way to teach your family about the history of the move to declare independence. It reminds all of us what an amazing feat the foundoing of our nation was.

Moreover, it reminds us that we have always stood for something - liberty. It succeeds not only in reminding us of imprtant things, but it stirs something in you. It calls us to be great as they were great. It calls us to stand for something greater than ourselves - which is what they did. It was a valuable and enjoyable time watching this movie and discussing it afterwards and I hope you and your family will enjoy it as well.

President Obama self-proclaimed Champion of Homosexuality

Here is a devotional from an evangelist named Jerry Drace. Our worship Pastor and friend Ken Holland used to work with Jerry and this was sent to him. I wanted any and all of you to whom I can communicate to read this message. This is a wonderful message for us and thanks to Jerry for his heart for families and preaching the bible.

Dear Hope for the Home Family:
In II Kings chapter 21 the Bible tells us of a 12 year old boy named Manasseh who became king of Judah. His father, King Hezekiah, had ruled Judah for 29 years. Hezekiah was a godly man. Manasseh was not. Hezekiah did that which was right in the sight of God. Manasseh did not. Verse 9 shows the character of Manasseh as he matured, “Manasseh seduced them [ his fellow citizens – my inclusion] to do more evil than the nations whom the LORD had destroyed before the children of Israel.” Here is the story of a child who rejected his father’s example. Obviously, he listened to the voices of depravity and dissent. He rejected his father’s path of holiness and chose the path of desecration.
There once was a young man who grew up without a father. He surrounded himself with those who taught revolution in the classroom and preached liberation from the pulpit. He rose to the highest office in the land. And in the footsteps of Manasseh he too has sought to seduce his nation to abandon spiritual correctness for political expediency. He speaks from an air of superiority rather than the breath of spirituality. His concept of leadership is more akin to the mentality of a community organizer than the capability of a leader. This young man’s name is Barack Obama.
This past Monday, President Obama became the first chief executive to host a White House ceremony celebrating "gay pride". He told several hundred homosexual guests in the East Room that America still has what he called "old attitudes" about homosexuality but that they have "an ally and a champion" in the Oval Office. This came only six weeks after this young leader chose not to host a White House event commemorating the National Day of Prayer. He stated, "I know that many in this room don't believe that progress has come fast enough, and I understand that, but I say this: We have made progress and we will make more. And I want you to know that I expect and hope to be judged not by words, not by promises I've made, but by the promises that my administration keeps. We've been in office six months now. I suspect that by the time this administration is over, I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration." If he has brought the homosexual lifestyle front and center by endorsing its agenda in just six months, think what he intends to do during the next three and a half years.With total disregard for the teachings of Holy Scripture our president went on to say, "There are unjust laws to overturn and unfair practices to stop. And though we've made progress, there are still fellow citizens, perhaps neighbors or even family members and loved ones, who still hold fast to worn arguments and old attitudes, who fail to see your families like their families, and who would deny you the rights that most Americans take for granted."Parents, did you get his phrase, “worn arguments and old attitudes”? He is telling your children that only those with outdated reasons and obsolete opinions oppose the homosexual way of life. Obama went on to say, “If we're honest with ourselves, we'll acknowledge that there are good and decent people in this country who don't yet fully embrace their gay brothers and sisters -- not yet. We must continue to do our part to make progress -- step by step, law by law, mind by changing mind. And I want you to know that in this task I will not only be your friend, I will continue to be an ally and a champion and a president who fights with you and for you."
Veiled in his address to this group celebrating their aberrant lifestyle is the threat that anyone who does not change their mind concerning the homosexual agenda will be considered an enemy of the state. The President’s statements make clear his intentions. We now have a leader who approves of the killing of babies inside and partially outside the womb and endorses a manner of life which is contrary to the instructions found throughout the Bible. This is seduction of the worst kind because it comes from the leader of the free world who proudly calls himself a Christian. It is not only homosexuality which is the issue. It could as easily be a President trying “step by step, law by law, mind by changing mind”, to get the populace to accept the sin of adultery. The basic reason why Obama and his followers rebel against the uncompromising teachings of God’s Word is that it takes them from the self-indulgence of worshipping an ordinary god to being confronted with the claims of the One true God. Regardless of how it is wrapped, presented, or promoted sin is still sin.
Dads and Moms, as you prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July with your children please use this occasion to teach them about the godly men and women who are the cornerstones of this nation. We are indeed a diverse nation made up of dynamic people. However, as we celebrate our independence may we not be seduced into equating diversity with normality. We are once again living in the days of Manasseh.
Remember, “Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it,” (Psalm 127:1).
In Christ, Jerry and Becky Drace

This meeting is not an urban legend, but was reported by BP News on June 30, 2009 by reporter Michael Foust. The link is