Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keys to Victory for the Hogs

Today will be a tough game for the Razorbacks and that is undisputed. It is not however a forgone conclusion that Alabama will win. They are favored and should be. That does not mean that the Hogs cannot win. In fact, there are a umber of scenarios in which they could steal a victory.

Here are a few keys as I see them to a Hog victory:
1) Defensively, we must be more effective. ("Better" will still take more time, coaching, and recruiting). Bama's running game is very strong and will grind you down over the course of the game. The quarterback however is the weak link, if there is one.
* Stack 8-9 in the box and do your best against the running game - it is their weapon.
* Expose the quarterback. Force him to beat you consistently. If he does, then he does but at least they did not beat you with their strength. Blitz often and from different places. Schemes design to confuse are a must. Even if we get confused on occassion and make a mistake, vanilla gets you worn down and beaten for sure.

2) Throw alot. Our strength.
3) Know Saban's defenses - they are aggressive and over pursue the ball. Misdirections, screens of all types will be necessary to keep them honest and slow them down a little. A little is all it takes for Mallet to deliver the ball. Fades and timing patterns are excellent tools as well.

4) Gamble for some turnovers. When you are the underdog like this on the road, you cannot play it safe on defense. Without some turnovers, they will not win. Gamble for some. If you get beat, you are the underdog and undermanned on defense anyway.

5) Get every field goal, touchdown and point that you can get. lots of fieldgoals are fine against a running team. Stack up the points at every opportunity. Don't ever give up scoring. 4th downs are pipe dreams but points against an Alabama defense are genuine gold.

Just Completed the First Half of Ephesians 1

I have just completed the devotions for this weekend in my other blog - Devotions From My Favorite Chapters. We are studying Ephesians 1 as the first favorite chapter. The reason that is my favorite chapter and the first one I am writing is because it teaches us the profound truth of who we are in Christ as a believer.

I would love for you to check it pout if you have not. You read just a short page devotion each day. Each day you will basically look at one verse. In that format, you will walk your way through the first chapter of Ephesians. It will take 30 days to walk through the entire first chapter of Ephesians. It is easy, does not consume much time, can be done anywhere you have access to the internet, and the truths in Ephesians 1 will change your life.

Please give it a try if you have not. Refer it to a friend who needs encouragement, help with the discipline of a quiet time, or just needs a blessing. If you just do the first half, it will be transforming!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Iranian Nukes - Make the Consequences Clear

What a big surprise today - Iran is building nuclear weapons.

It is a very dangerous and terrible fact. In fact, this must become the number one security threat world-wide, which is saying a mouthful with the war on terror still in full force(regardless of whether the Obama Administration will sue the phrase or not). It must be dealt with immediately and decisively. Iran is laughing at more sanctions and using the time to finish.

Any logical thought process is simple. Iran hates Israel and has already promised its destruction. This is not posturing. They hate them and it is an affront to many in Iran that Israel exits - their statements and not mine. If they have a weapon, then they will use it.

We should come out and immediately make it clear that if they load or even point a missile at anyone, especially Israel, we will take it upon ourselves as the United States of America to end their existence as a nation. This message should be clear and in front of the world - Iran will only shoot once at the outside most. there will not be an Iran to shoot a second one.

We have seen the world laugh and rattle their sabers at the apologetic, wussification of American foreign policy. It is time to speak clearly and carry a big stick. We should work with the international community, pursue sanctions, etc. Absent a clear and present danger to their existence, Iran will laugh and China and others will support. It is only against the backdrop of the certainty of their destruction that they will even pause. You can only negotiate from a position of strength.

This moment demands the greatest strength from the world's greatest power. Unfortunately, it is unclear if the powers at present have the wisdom and strength of will.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 Greatest Tough Guy Lines

Tonight in men's Fraternity, we also discussed the 5 greatest lines from guy movies that stir the warrior face. Here is a recap:

5. From The Magnificent Seven - Steve McQueen's character tells Eli Wallich, the bad guy trying to negotiate a settlement for the seven to abandon their post: "We deal in lead friend."

4. A Bridge Too Far - A british paratrooper from the embattled unit desperately holding onto a tenuous foothold rejects a call to surrender from a German envoy stating, "I'm afraid we arer going to have to reject your plea for surrender. It seems we do not have room enough to house you all as prisoners."

3. Fort Apache (starring Henry Fonda, John Wayne)- Colonel Thursday teaches his final lesson to Sgt York (John Wayne) before leading small group of soldiers on a gallant suicide mission to buy time for the bulk of the command to escape their indian ambush, "When you take over this troop Sergeant York, and you will, then command it!"

2. Tombstone - Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell), after slapping a man who accuses him of cheating at cards, watches him bleed from the mouth and freeze in fear without drawing down and then states in disgust at the cowardice, "Are you going to skin the smokewagon, or stand there and bleed.?"

1. 300 (parental caution as to a couple of scenes in the film) King Xerxes, angry at being defied by the Spartans, claims that his armies will annhiliate them and his archers' arrows will "darken the sky." The Spartan response sets a new tough ugy standard: "Then we will fight in the shade."

Lines to stir the warrior spirit in everyman!

Men's Fraternity - List of Top Five Tough Guy (Warrior Face) Movies

Tonight we had a great time in Men's Fraternity! We studied the 4 faces of manhood. When discussing the warrior face, we took a moment and I gave my list of top 5 movies that stir the warrior face. Here's a recap:

5. Band of Brothers
4. A Bridge Too Far
3. Gladiator
2. Patton
and #1 is ...

The Magnificent Seven!

The list met with affirmation from the group tonight. It's a good group. It's good to be with the men and good to stir the warrior face!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Excellent Post on the Priority of Family

Our family pastor, Greg Hooper, sent me this blog from Kerby Anderson. It is excellent! Everyone should read it and I wanted you folks to see it. I have checked out the website and blog by Kerby Anderson and it has good stuff. Greg sends these every now and then when there is some really good stuff - like this one.

September 22, 2009

Marriage and Kids
by Kerby Anderson

Click on the image to view the video archive.

A strong marriage is good for kids. Conservative researchers have been saying this for decades. Perhaps the single best book to document this would be, The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier, and Better off Financially by Linda Waite and Maggie Gallagher. As the title indicates, married people benefit in so many significant ways. And of course their children benefit as well.

Not only are conservative writers saying this, but liberal ones are now joining the chorus of researchers who say that children do best in an intact, two-parent family. Writing in Time magazine, Caitlin Flanagan details “Why Marriage Matters.” She cites research that shows that: “Few things hamper a child as much as not having a father at home.”

Sociologist Maria Kefalas says: “As a feminist, I didn’t want to believe it.” She has co-authored a seminal book on low-income mothers. Women tell her all the time that they can be both father and mother to their children. She says that is not true. Growing up without a father has a deep psychological effect on the child. “The mom may not need that man,” Kefalas says, “but her children still do.”

This also turns out to be true for families at every income, though the greatest impact is on poor families. Sara McLanahan, a Princeton sociologist, has done ground-breaking research on the effects of divorce on children. She concluded that: “Children who grow up in a household with only one biological parent, are worse off, on average, than children who grow up in a household with both of their biological parents, regardless of the parents’ race or educational background.”

None of this should be too surprising. Some of the initial research on the impact of divorce goes back to the 1970s when Judith Wallerstein was tracking the impact of divorce on families and the children. But it is significant that academics and even newsmagazines like Time are publishing the same conclusion. I commend them for doing so. I’m Kerby Anderson, and that’s my point of view.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thanks to Those Who Follow and Read

Thank you to all of you who read and follow Greg-arious. It is becoming a real joy to write. I have even begun to think things like, "Oh, I need to put that on my blog." Sometimes I get more angry while I write. Sometimes I feel a sense of catharsis when I write.

I always feel a sense of joy when you comment, when you send an "attaboy" on Facebook, or when you tell me in person that you enjoy reading Greg-arious even when you disagree. All are great. Remember that you are free to do both. This is a discourse area! From my first post, I have said that this will be about communicating clearly.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for the feedback in whatever forum. Please continue to read. Please give more comments and opinions - that's why I'm here. Send the link to a friend. I will send you again very soon

I'm a Real American Despite What "Washingtonians" Think

There is much written and said about how "Washingtonians", "those inside the beltway", or whatever you want to call them, look down their collective noses at those who are "regular folks", "live in red states", live in "flyover states", etc. These terms are real descriptions of the culture war that exists in today's American society.

There is an excellent commentary referenced on Hugh Hewitt's blog from Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009. You all should read it. It describes in a nutshell what all of us feel. It is what we feel when "Beltway people' laud men such as Ted Kennedy as some kind of great man simply because he was a famous liberal from a liberal state on the East Coast/North. He would never have been elected in the South, and therefore, he would never have been a fixed picture of what is wrong about America. What is right about America is that in places like the South you must still at least pay lip service to personal morality. He was from the same area that elects John Kerry in a perennial farce of an election - despite the fact his son specifically denigrated the folks in America who shop and work at Walmart. They are icon examples of this culture war.

We must realize it exists. We must realize that they have been fighting it for years. We must realize the America and the culture that we know and love will disappear if we do not win this fight.

By the way, I had a great American day yesterday. I took my son to the Razorback game. I wore a new Razorback hat that I loved - purchased at Walmart Mr. Kerry. It matched my Razorback shirt that I bought 2 years ago on sale at Walmart. My son and I had a great time at the game. And all the folks who work at Walmart in the Fayetteville area was very nice to us during our visit.

Beltway folks have a lot to learn from all of us flyover, Walmart shopping, football loving, regular Americans!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Note to the Left: I am not a Racist or a Radical

As is typical, the left wingers, along with help from their news media sycophants, are now trying to do CPR on Obamacare by using their (in their view) electric shock paddles - calling opponents racists. This is how it goes. You might be a racist if ...
you oppose Obamacare
you attend a town hall meeting
attend a rally in Washington
give any outspoken response to anything Obama says, even when he is being blatantly disingenuous.

It is ridiculous and offensive. I am vehemently opposed to both Obama's left wing, socialist agenda and to racism in any form. In the mindset of liberals, being politically and/or socially conservative is tantamount to being a racist. They are dead wrong. Moreover, this position is morally reprehensible. It is arrogant, close-minded, judgmental in a juvenile fashion, and simply wrong. Then to slander normal Americans with this "wolf cry" is irresponsible and morally outrageous.

I am deeply conservative in my political views. Government is and has been out of control. Obama's view of government is way out of character with the clear understanding of our history, the U.S. Constitution, and the mainstream of America. These are political, philosopical, legal, and moral arguments - not racial arguments. I am not a radical and I am not a racist.

As a lawyer, I served on a legal team which represented the city of Memphis, Tennessee and defended the consent decrees which settled significant race discrimination lawsuits against the police and fire departments. Our law firm fought against racism and even for affirmative action efforts to repair the huge amount of damage done in those organizations by institutional racism for decades. I was active in conducting supervisor training and other corporate training seminars related to teaching proper employee management - not political correctness mind you. In those sessions, I regularly and strongly taught about racism and how to keep it out of your employee relations.

As a pastor, I was first in involved in Promise Keepers when I began my ministry in the late 1990s. Racial reconciliation was a major focus of the rally held in Memphis. I served on the leadership team of area pastors that helped organize and put on that rally. We designed and conducted a series of follow-up events in which men worshipped together in different congregations. We met alternatively in traditionally African-American and white or integrated churches, with alternating white and black preachers. They were powerful and deeply spiritual events and to this day remain some of my favorite times in ministry. I led in the prayer time at the conclusion of each event. It was a joy and an honor. As a staff and senior pastor, I have taught against racism as sin from a biblical perspective on numerous occasions and will continue to do so.

I deeply resent everyone of these accusations thrown out for cheap political gain by left-wingers. I do take these accusations personally because I have been hearing them from left-wing politicians my entire life. Immoral men such as U.S. Representative Harold Ford and current U.S. Representative Steve Cohen from Memphis, not to mention national politicians too numerous to name. I take them seriously and so should you. I take them personally because I am exactly the person they are aimed at - a christian, caucasion, male, bible believing, politically and socially consrevative person.

These accusations are slanderous. They are as sinful and shameful as racism itself because it is the flip-side of the same coin. It cheapens the true moral outrage of real racial prejudice. It disrespects in a fundamental and offensive manner the real sacrifices men and women of both colors made to fight racism. It dishonors the progress normal, regular, "fly-over" Americans have made over decades of working towards the goal of seeing people for the "content of their character and not the color of their skin." The person who makes this claim is using race as a tool for political (and in a politician's usage personal) gain. How clearly can it be stated that this behavior is immoral and wrong?

Such behavior slanders the vast majority of men and women in America who are not racists and do not abide racism in any form. That is you and me. It is yet another example that America must fight without tiring the immoral, left-wing politicians, pundits from the "drive by" media, Hollywood, etc. They are the radicals.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Speech Untruthful, Boring, More Lies

Frankly, I simply could not stomach watching all of it. I did however watch a large portion (no way waterboarding criminal activity if that was not) and added clips. There was nothing added to anything, other than more bloviating and the added irritation of Democratic applause, the view of a disgustingly smug Pelosi.

The ability to stand up and tell lies that give new meaning to "bald face" astounds me. There really was nothing new added with this speech. The danger is not that this changed any game at all, but simply the Deomcratic and liberal love for their liberal "groupthink." They are together egging each other on while they are safe from Senator Lincoln/Speaker Pelosi's "un-American" constituents.

There are some excellent analyses collected today at Hugh Hewitt's blog. The link is here in my "following these blogs" section.

While there, check out the artical from September 4, 2009 on the issue of tort reform and why it is left out of the healthcare debate by the Democrats. Obviously, last evening the President ignored his own statement about Republican ideas by throwing tort reform under the bus. Isn't that a tort? Good thing he has so many plaintiff lawyers in his camp.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recent Poll Shows Great Discontent with Senator Lincoln

Check out the article on another blog that reports on a poll by a national pollster reflecting a 36% approval rating for Senator Lincoln. In fact, the only political category of folks who do like her apparently are liberals - imagine that! Are you suprised? You should not be.

Check out the blog at The post is from August 26, 2009.

Do Not Forget How We Got to this Speech

Tonight it is all about the speech. But remember how we got here. We are at this point because the President tried to use his "rock star" status and strong arm political henchman to force a takeover of the healthcare past America before anyone could understand what was happening. It did not work- fortunately for us.

There is a great analysis of this in a blog at Hugh Hewitt's Townhall blog - the link is easy to find in my "links I follow." Look for the entry from Tuesday entitled "Another Good Question on Healthcare."

There is some excellent information out there, but remember it is up to us to read and be informed. Otherwise, we will be like some who will try to evaluate the President's "performance" tonight in a vacuum and be duped into shying away from the debate. DO not forget how and why we got to tonight.

There Still Are A Few Honorable Legislators

Last evening I had the privilege of attending a town hall meeting with my state senator, Davy Carter. He is a fine man, with strong integrity, and I am proud to call him a friend and have him as a legislator who represents me.

In today's world of disingenuous, narcissistic politicians - not to mention crooked or even some who are simply ridiculous(i.e. Nancy Pelosi) - it was a sense of confidence and hope that prevailed to hear a fine man describe with clarity his positions and how he voted.

Against the backdrop of the runup to the President's "lie-fest" that will undoubtedly occur this evening, it made me proud of one man who understands his role. He does not back away from his position but explains it well and clearly - no shading, lying, or pandering. He treated everyone with respect and honor and never called anyone "un-American" as do other politicians - even in Arkansas as did Senator Blanche Lincoln. People responded to him with respect and trust because he is trustworthy.

Thank you for your time, effort, and integrity Davy Carter.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The President's Message is a Problem, But Which One?

Today everyone is all "atwitter" about the President's message to school students. (I have commented on my thoughts about this previously.) But the message to be concerned about is not the one to students. Instead the more dangerous message is the one on healthcare destruction before Congress and the Nation.

There are several ways this message is dangerous. First, we know he will tell as many lies and he and his political allies have told throughout this process. These lies are dangerous. People who are independents or undecided in this process have a tendency to want to credit what President says. This President will no doubt make statements like "I am opposed to government run healthcare and this bill does not have one." This statement is completely disingenuous. This so called "public option" is designed in such a way that he can say that it is not a one payer system. It is however designed specifically to bring about a one-payer, government controlled system. So his claim is a dangerous lie.

Second, this speech is dangerous because it is in front of Congress. They have returned to the insulated environs of their beloved Washington. They are away from the people whom they have endured for several long weeks. They are where they do not have to face questioning from their constituents. They do not have to face specific questions about real facts from "un-American" folks, as we were described by Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, and numerous others. In this insulated environment, it will be easy for them to fall into the role of following the leader as the President aims his message at them. It will be backed up by "strong arm" tactics in "smoke-filled rooms" (after all he is a chain smoker) by he and his henchman - the Chief of Staff(I cannot bear even to type that guy's name!)

Third, he will undoubtedly seek to shore up his base supporters (pun intended indeed). They have drawn a line in the sand over the "public option" because of their commitment to government controlled healthcare. As he panders to them, they will scream to highest heavens. This volume has the risk of pushing some key holdouts over the edge. It will also motivate Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et. al. to renew their push for their socialist view of America - regardless of what he says tomorrow night.

This is still a risky time for America.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Joys of College Football - real football not Big 10 girls' touch

It was a joy to sit down with my son yesterday and watch college football. It was great fun to see some excellent games. I'm glad that the Vols looked good. I'm glad that the Hogs look good. Apparently, Ryan Mallett has some skills and the offense will be fun today.

One thought kept frustrating me as I watched Navy physically whip Ohio State and almost beat them on their own turf. The Big 10 is a joke. It is not a quality conference and should not be considered a BCS conference. They cannot beat anyone of any skill level outside of their conference. It is further infuriating to watch the national news media try to put them up as some kind of contender. It is a joke to consider them a top 10 team - they don't deserve to be in the top 20.

They get blown out every year when they try to play with the big boys. Based upon their performance yesterday, they will get embarrassed by USC next week. I cannot wait to watch that. even more I cannot wait to watch the national media try to explain away their gross incompetence. What else do you expect from a bunch of liberal, left-wing whack jobs who have the "slobbering love affair with Barack Obama." You would expect sportscasters to be a little smarter than the average political reporter, but their bias still runs to the completely clueless.

It is a blessing to be from the South and to know what real football looks like. This is going to be a good year for the teams we enjoy following: Tennessee, Arkansas, and Arkansas State. If only the Tigers could get it together - well there is going to be a basketball season this winter.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Editorial Worth Reading in Ark-Dem Gazette

There is an excellent editorial in the Ark-Dem Gazette this morning from Thomas Sowell entitled "Suicide of the West." It is a thought provoking and well-reasoned discussion of how the United States is following down the path blazed by Western Europe of appeasement to the radical Islamic nations and to terrorism in general.

Read it. Pay particular attention to the comments on Attorney General Eric Holder. He is a far-left guy and is not a help to America in anyway shape or form. He is not our friend and is marching down a path which is destructive.

Moreover, he is doing with the approval of the President and his far-left cronies. This article is worth your time.

Comments on the President's Video to Children

I have posted a note on my Facebook wall regarding my thoughts on the upcoming video that President Obama will present to children in schools across America next week.

I do not possess the typing skills to repeat it here. Check it out there.

It is fascinating to see what happens when the President looses all credibility with the people of the U.S. Even something like this that could and should be a positive and simple thing becomes suspect and divisive. It is no one's fault but his own. He has been disingenuous and blatantly untruthful about his agenda. He has destroyed his own credibility. He must bear the cross for his leadership failures. Only he can restore his credibility.

Unfortunately, his actions have revealed his true nature and agenda. I do not believe he will repair his credibility because who he is has come out and been revealed. He cannot hide the extreme nature of his far-left, way out there views. he will have to live with this lack of credibility throughout the rest of his Presidency.

I am proud Americans are showing the passion for independent thought. I am proud they are standing up for what they believe in. I am proud to be an American.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New Blog WIth Daily Devotions

I am in the process of starting a new blog - Devotions from My Favorite Chapters of the Bible. You will find it at http// I am excited about this project. It is culminating a process that has become a heart passion for me.

It is a blog which will provide a new devotion each day. But rather than simply have a random thought for the day, we will study a "favorite chapter" from the Bible over a 30 day period. It will basically cover one verse each day from that chapter and you will complete the chapter in 1 month.

Why start another blog like "My Favorite Chapters"? Several reasons come to mind, but one stands out to me. Because of the nature of the cultural issue we are facing as Americans, people in our church will ask me, "Pastor, what can we do?"

The answer always comes back to mentoring individuals to look at all of life's issues through a biblical worldview, or biblical mindset. The foundation for developing a biblical worldview is daily time spent alone with Jesus so He can teach you from His word and change your mind and heart to be like His. Spending daily relationship time alone with Jesus is the most important discipline you will develop as a believer. It is the only way we begin to think with the "mind of Christ" as we are commanded in Philippians 2.

This devotional plan is different because it is structured in a way to teach you how to study your bible. In the course of one month, we will study a chapter together. Not only will you learn the chapter itself, but the process of working through a chapter of the bible in a simple and effective manner. Moreover, you will develop the discipline of a daily time alone with Jesus.

Please join me for Devotions from My Favorite Chapters.