Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lost Morality of Parenting

I have recently finished preaching a series on parenting in our church. It was a blessing and I received alot of feedback from parents who are hungry for real help in parenting in today's society.

Parenting is a moral obligation. It is a moral obligation which is being abdicated in our American culture at an alraming rate. One of the reason is the liberal agenda against real, active, moral parenting. It is difficult for parents of young children to even find good helps and role models in today's culture. We are in a fight for the morality of parenting that being assailed by public education philosophy, liberal political agendas, cultural elites, the established media, Hollywood, etc.

In fact, the only remaining forceful apologists for the morality of parenting left are found amongst conservative christian writers, thinkers, etc.

Here is an article worth your time: The blog is entitled "Parents...Obey Your Children?"

Please take a read.

Obama "Right There With" Homosexual Agenda

You will not believe the actual statements made by President Obama to a homosexual activist group last week. He promises to repeal the Defense of Marriage act and will seek an "affirmative action" program for homosexuals. This is beyond belief how far from the mainstream, moral American people he is.

Read the following article with a link to his speech: The article is from Sept. 13, 2009 and is entitled "Obama Criticizes People with "Old Attitudes" "

Praise the Lord I have enough sense and morality to have "old attitudes."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keys to Victory for the Hogs

Today will be a tough game for the Razorbacks and that is undisputed. It is not however a forgone conclusion that Alabama will win. They are favored and should be. That does not mean that the Hogs cannot win. In fact, there are a umber of scenarios in which they could steal a victory.

Here are a few keys as I see them to a Hog victory:
1) Defensively, we must be more effective. ("Better" will still take more time, coaching, and recruiting). Bama's running game is very strong and will grind you down over the course of the game. The quarterback however is the weak link, if there is one.
* Stack 8-9 in the box and do your best against the running game - it is their weapon.
* Expose the quarterback. Force him to beat you consistently. If he does, then he does but at least they did not beat you with their strength. Blitz often and from different places. Schemes design to confuse are a must. Even if we get confused on occassion and make a mistake, vanilla gets you worn down and beaten for sure.

2) Throw alot. Our strength.
3) Know Saban's defenses - they are aggressive and over pursue the ball. Misdirections, screens of all types will be necessary to keep them honest and slow them down a little. A little is all it takes for Mallet to deliver the ball. Fades and timing patterns are excellent tools as well.

4) Gamble for some turnovers. When you are the underdog like this on the road, you cannot play it safe on defense. Without some turnovers, they will not win. Gamble for some. If you get beat, you are the underdog and undermanned on defense anyway.

5) Get every field goal, touchdown and point that you can get. lots of fieldgoals are fine against a running team. Stack up the points at every opportunity. Don't ever give up scoring. 4th downs are pipe dreams but points against an Alabama defense are genuine gold.

Just Completed the First Half of Ephesians 1

I have just completed the devotions for this weekend in my other blog - Devotions From My Favorite Chapters. We are studying Ephesians 1 as the first favorite chapter. The reason that is my favorite chapter and the first one I am writing is because it teaches us the profound truth of who we are in Christ as a believer.

I would love for you to check it pout if you have not. You read just a short page devotion each day. Each day you will basically look at one verse. In that format, you will walk your way through the first chapter of Ephesians. It will take 30 days to walk through the entire first chapter of Ephesians. It is easy, does not consume much time, can be done anywhere you have access to the internet, and the truths in Ephesians 1 will change your life.

Please give it a try if you have not. Refer it to a friend who needs encouragement, help with the discipline of a quiet time, or just needs a blessing. If you just do the first half, it will be transforming!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Iranian Nukes - Make the Consequences Clear

What a big surprise today - Iran is building nuclear weapons.

It is a very dangerous and terrible fact. In fact, this must become the number one security threat world-wide, which is saying a mouthful with the war on terror still in full force(regardless of whether the Obama Administration will sue the phrase or not). It must be dealt with immediately and decisively. Iran is laughing at more sanctions and using the time to finish.

Any logical thought process is simple. Iran hates Israel and has already promised its destruction. This is not posturing. They hate them and it is an affront to many in Iran that Israel exits - their statements and not mine. If they have a weapon, then they will use it.

We should come out and immediately make it clear that if they load or even point a missile at anyone, especially Israel, we will take it upon ourselves as the United States of America to end their existence as a nation. This message should be clear and in front of the world - Iran will only shoot once at the outside most. there will not be an Iran to shoot a second one.

We have seen the world laugh and rattle their sabers at the apologetic, wussification of American foreign policy. It is time to speak clearly and carry a big stick. We should work with the international community, pursue sanctions, etc. Absent a clear and present danger to their existence, Iran will laugh and China and others will support. It is only against the backdrop of the certainty of their destruction that they will even pause. You can only negotiate from a position of strength.

This moment demands the greatest strength from the world's greatest power. Unfortunately, it is unclear if the powers at present have the wisdom and strength of will.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 Greatest Tough Guy Lines

Tonight in men's Fraternity, we also discussed the 5 greatest lines from guy movies that stir the warrior face. Here is a recap:

5. From The Magnificent Seven - Steve McQueen's character tells Eli Wallich, the bad guy trying to negotiate a settlement for the seven to abandon their post: "We deal in lead friend."

4. A Bridge Too Far - A british paratrooper from the embattled unit desperately holding onto a tenuous foothold rejects a call to surrender from a German envoy stating, "I'm afraid we arer going to have to reject your plea for surrender. It seems we do not have room enough to house you all as prisoners."

3. Fort Apache (starring Henry Fonda, John Wayne)- Colonel Thursday teaches his final lesson to Sgt York (John Wayne) before leading small group of soldiers on a gallant suicide mission to buy time for the bulk of the command to escape their indian ambush, "When you take over this troop Sergeant York, and you will, then command it!"

2. Tombstone - Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell), after slapping a man who accuses him of cheating at cards, watches him bleed from the mouth and freeze in fear without drawing down and then states in disgust at the cowardice, "Are you going to skin the smokewagon, or stand there and bleed.?"

1. 300 (parental caution as to a couple of scenes in the film) King Xerxes, angry at being defied by the Spartans, claims that his armies will annhiliate them and his archers' arrows will "darken the sky." The Spartan response sets a new tough ugy standard: "Then we will fight in the shade."

Lines to stir the warrior spirit in everyman!

Men's Fraternity - List of Top Five Tough Guy (Warrior Face) Movies

Tonight we had a great time in Men's Fraternity! We studied the 4 faces of manhood. When discussing the warrior face, we took a moment and I gave my list of top 5 movies that stir the warrior face. Here's a recap:

5. Band of Brothers
4. A Bridge Too Far
3. Gladiator
2. Patton
and #1 is ...

The Magnificent Seven!

The list met with affirmation from the group tonight. It's a good group. It's good to be with the men and good to stir the warrior face!