Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lost Morality of Parenting

I have recently finished preaching a series on parenting in our church. It was a blessing and I received alot of feedback from parents who are hungry for real help in parenting in today's society.

Parenting is a moral obligation. It is a moral obligation which is being abdicated in our American culture at an alraming rate. One of the reason is the liberal agenda against real, active, moral parenting. It is difficult for parents of young children to even find good helps and role models in today's culture. We are in a fight for the morality of parenting that being assailed by public education philosophy, liberal political agendas, cultural elites, the established media, Hollywood, etc.

In fact, the only remaining forceful apologists for the morality of parenting left are found amongst conservative christian writers, thinkers, etc.

Here is an article worth your time: The blog is entitled "Parents...Obey Your Children?"

Please take a read.

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