Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Men's Fraternity - List of Top Five Tough Guy (Warrior Face) Movies

Tonight we had a great time in Men's Fraternity! We studied the 4 faces of manhood. When discussing the warrior face, we took a moment and I gave my list of top 5 movies that stir the warrior face. Here's a recap:

5. Band of Brothers
4. A Bridge Too Far
3. Gladiator
2. Patton
and #1 is ...

The Magnificent Seven!

The list met with affirmation from the group tonight. It's a good group. It's good to be with the men and good to stir the warrior face!


  1. What! No Braveheart. Now that was a man movie.

  2. Definitely top 10. Can't get them all in the top 5. That just isn't very many choices and it got real tough chosing. I probably should do some sort of honorable mention. Braveheart in no doubt!