Friday, September 25, 2009

Iranian Nukes - Make the Consequences Clear

What a big surprise today - Iran is building nuclear weapons.

It is a very dangerous and terrible fact. In fact, this must become the number one security threat world-wide, which is saying a mouthful with the war on terror still in full force(regardless of whether the Obama Administration will sue the phrase or not). It must be dealt with immediately and decisively. Iran is laughing at more sanctions and using the time to finish.

Any logical thought process is simple. Iran hates Israel and has already promised its destruction. This is not posturing. They hate them and it is an affront to many in Iran that Israel exits - their statements and not mine. If they have a weapon, then they will use it.

We should come out and immediately make it clear that if they load or even point a missile at anyone, especially Israel, we will take it upon ourselves as the United States of America to end their existence as a nation. This message should be clear and in front of the world - Iran will only shoot once at the outside most. there will not be an Iran to shoot a second one.

We have seen the world laugh and rattle their sabers at the apologetic, wussification of American foreign policy. It is time to speak clearly and carry a big stick. We should work with the international community, pursue sanctions, etc. Absent a clear and present danger to their existence, Iran will laugh and China and others will support. It is only against the backdrop of the certainty of their destruction that they will even pause. You can only negotiate from a position of strength.

This moment demands the greatest strength from the world's greatest power. Unfortunately, it is unclear if the powers at present have the wisdom and strength of will.

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